vidyabharti private industrial training institute camp , amravati

Organizational Structure of the Institution

Vidyabharti Private Industrial Training Institute is a very strongly organized institution which comprise of the following training departments. The detail is as given below

  1. Electrical Course:- This course is run in four semester viz:
    1. Electrician Semester Ist
    2. Electrician Semester IInd
    3. Electrician Semester IIIrd
    4. Electrician Semester IVth
  2. M.M.V. Course :- This course is run in two semesters viz :
    1. M.M.V. Semester Ist
    2. M.M.V. Semester IInd
  3. Fitter Course :- This course of fitter is run in two semester viz:
    1. Fitter Semester Ist
    2. Fitter Semester IInd
  4. Wireman Training Course :- It consist of the following semester viz :
    1. Wireman Semester Ist
    2. Wireman Semester IInd
  5. Welders Training Course :- This course of Welders is run in the following semester viz:
    1. Welders Semester Ist
    2. Welders Semester IInd
  6. COPA Training Course :- This is one year course.
  7. Refrigrator and Air Conditioner Course:- This is a two year course.

Teaching Staff
For the smooth and affective conduct and training of the above mentioned courses; the institute has employed very qualified and skilled trainers and instructors who are working very hard for the development of the institution.

Administrative Staff
The institution is administered by a very efficient and cordial Principal and Vice Principal, who put in their best for the development of the institution.
Accrediation Coordinator looks after the work of institution accrediation.
Scholar Assistant Accountant works as link in between the scholars of the institution.

For looking after the clerical affairs of the institution the following staff is employed -

  1. Upper Division Clerk (UDC)
  2. Lower Division Clerk (LDC)
  3. Supporting Staff
  4. Hostel Warden to look after the Girls Hostel of the institution.

Paradigam of the Organizational Structure of the Institution